About Us

At Colibri we are passionate – about our products, our story and our impact.

Reusable products are important to us! We are defining the landscape of reusable, household products and are committed to providing the best quality possible. Colibri products are tested and certified ensuring they meet both FDA and Health Canada standards for food safety.

Our roots are in sewing and our small town in Manitoba but our staff and product designers come from all over the globe. Our CEO, Sandra O’Malley, is surrounded by a team that is treated like family and are as passionate and dedicated as she is.

We aren’t just manufacturing reusable products; we’re providing long-lasting solutions that foster healthy environments and strong communities. We are dedicated to making products that you can count on for years to come.

Colibri Staff


Fun fact - Loves ostriches 

Favourite bag size - Medium snack bag

Favourite print - The list is long and totally mood dependent - wild flowers, adventure, roses, safari (did you see the ostriches?)


Fun fact - Loves kayaking

Favourite bag size - Large snack bag

Favourite print - Bears


Fun fact - Likes to hike

Favourite bag size - Mini Double Duty

Favourite print - Nest


Fun fact - Dances a mean salsa

Favourite bag size - XL wet bag and Medium snack bag

Favourite print - Roses


Fun fact - Sequence Wizard

Favourite bag size - Large snack bag

Favourite print - Ninja